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GUEST POST: The Fat and Flat Twins

Guest posted by Courtney Nein of "A Better Place Since You Came Along."

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That is what they called us thirty years ago. Sitting together on the school bus, one un-named boy would tie our shoelaces to the bottom of the seat, put toothpaste in our hair and nicknamed us “The Fat and Flat Twins”!!!

We weren’t the most glamorous middle schoolers out there, in fact, possibly those were the most awkward years of our lives. We were both a little chubby and I know I was most certainly flat as a pancake when it came to my chest… still am! While there may have been a bit of truth to it, it was pretty harsh, huh?

Guess what??? WE SURVIVED!!! It was a label but we didn’t let it define us or our path in life. Actually, I am pretty sure that for the two of us, it created a deeper sense of compassion and a heart for inclusivity that would carry us further in life than if we hadn’t been picked on.

The hardships and struggles in our lives, the obstacles that we must overcome are so often what lead us to being the best version of ourselves. Being beat down means you have the chance to rise back up and have empathy for those that are in the shoes you were.

Krista and I reconnected a few years back through social media and began watching each others journey’s. We met for lunch about 2 years ago and it was one of my favorite re-connections to date. The similarities were insane… parallels of trying and failing and doing so again until we started to get it right.

Taking risks that even we weren’t so sure of, to follow our heart and learn, along the way, how to do things AFTER taking the leap into the unknown.

Taking the road less traveled and finding ourselves reconnected 30 years later as the best version of ourselves yet!!!

This past spring, out of the blue, Krista told me that she was in the final phases of writing a book and she invited me to be a guest on her podcast, “The Boss Lady Investor”.

Immediately I got a pit in my stomach. I mean, we had had lunch and all, and it was fun to catch up, but she was a REALLY BIG DEAL y’all!!! She is a self-made millionaire, serial entrepreneur, no nonsense go-getter who I have watched be honored all over Georgia and Florida both for accomplishments and giving back in the community...and she was asking ME???

So immediately, I agreed. That is sort of how I work… I feel scared to death about something and I make that decision real fast without the time to talk myself out of it. That method has mostly served me well, as an adult at least. I can’t say I recommend that in your teenage years.

We were on our way to Jacksonville that coming weekend for a family getaway, so Sunday I continued on to Daytona. Not only was I recording that podcast, I was also crashing with Krista and her husband Colin, whom I had met for 5 mins that day at lunch.

Thoughts were racing through my head: Would I have anything of value to add to a podcast?

I am going to need a glass of wine, what if she doesn’t drink wine?

How long is a podcast? Can it be edited?

What if I offend someone or say the wrong thing because I get so nervous on the spot? I think she might think I am more accomplished than I am.


But I got there, we had a wonderful dinner out, and she and Colin were both fabulous. Of course she drinks wine! Thank goodness because I was REAL nervous!

But y’all, it was so much fun! Once we got past the first two or three questions (and her phone died so we were no longer on video) it was as though we were just two friends catching up! We were having a great conversation and YES, I do think that I added value and that together in this podcast we will absolutely help one person which is the goal for both of us in life! Once again, pushing out of that comfort zone and facing fears, I survived, and even enjoyed it!!

My most treasured moment of pushing through to do this was the look on Avery’s face when she first heard it coming on over the radio. The pride in her eyes and the shaking excitement and squeals when she realized it was her mom on the radio.

Avery is my biggest cheerleader always, but there is truly nothing that compares to the authentic excitement and pride from her in that moment, a forever memory for me. We have now listened to it twice, the kids putting on the earmuffs for the curse words, and they are both excited and can’t wait to meet Krista next weekend!

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Krista’s journey, and cannot wait to read the whole book that just came in the mail yesterday. The night we recorded the podcast, I got to listen to one chapter--and it was sooooo good y’all!!!

If you want to learn a little more about me, the financial decisions that I faced along my path, and tips from Krista previewing some of what you will get from the book, I would love for you to listen HERE.

Better yet, go out and get your copy of Krista’s book, “The Boss Lady Investor: You Don’t Need a D!*K to Understand Money”.

Finally… it is Friday y’all… do something fearless!!! Big or small, push yourself out of your comfort zone to show yourself what you are capable of! And if you find value in this blog, I would so love for you to share it!

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