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Tune in to The Boss Lady Investor™ Podcast hosted by author Krista Goodrich & hear:

sneak peeks of chapters from the book,

interviews with down-to-earth Boss Ladies just like you,

and all the great advice and tips we couldn't fit into the book.





EPISODE 1: Chapter 1 of The Boss Lady Investor™


Krista Goodrich

Welcome to the Boss Lady Investor™ Podcast, where You Don't Need a D!*k to Understand Money!  We are so excited you're here. In this very first episode, host Krista Goodrich (aka The Boss Lady Investor™) reads Chapter One of the book to give you a taste of what it, and the Boss Lady Investor™ Community, is all about.  In future episodes, we will be interviewing other Boss Lady Investors™ and finding out how they got out of debt, started saving and investing, and are living the lives of their dreams.  

EPISODE 2: Using a Plan to Get Out of Debt

Krista Goodrich + Missy Carlson

In Episode 2, our host Krista Goodrich chats with Missy Carlson, a Real Estate Administrative Assistant and Boss Lady who used a careful plan to take control of her finances and get out of debt.  Missy grew up in a single-family household and has never had a job making six figures...yet she is debt-free, practices saving, and is actively investing for her retirement. So how does she do it? Join us and learn Missy's secrets to becoming a Boss Lady Investor™.

EPISODE 3: Growing Your Side Hustle Without Going Into Debt

2018-07-14 13.28.56-3.jpg

Krista Goodrich + Courtney Nein

On Episode 3 of The Boss Lady Investor™ Podcast, leading sales CEO Courtney Nein shares her story of living a financially free life. Courtney went from working jobs she didn't love to figuring out how to turn her side hustle into a full-time gig. Now she can work from wherever she wants, and she determines how she spends her time. Courtney talks about entrepreneurship, bad real estate investments, managing money, and being self-employed with three young kids and how to live within your means, put savings into your budget, and stick to your plan.  This is Courtney's unique story; for information regarding typical results, search Rodan & Fields IDS.

EPISODE 4: A Millennial's Take on Becoming a Boss Lady

GE Headshot_Edited.jpg

Krista Goodrich + Grace Everitt

Join host Krista Goodrich, aka The Boss Lady Investor™, and my co-author/editor, Grace Everitt as we discuss what it's like to be a #BossLady from a Millennial's perspective. Grace takes us through the challenges and obstacles Millennials faced as they entered the workforce during the Great Recession, and the unique repercussions this generation experienced. She also discusses (with a great sense of humor) what it's like to start your own business while trying to make ends meet and battling chronic depression. Neverthless, Grace is a Boss Lady and explains how you can become one too. 

EPISODE 5: Creating a Debt-Free Life & Becoming an Entrepreneur


Krista Goodrich + Sarah Murtaugh

Join The Boss Lady Investor™, Krista Goodrich, as she interviews guest Sarah Murtaugh and hears about her journey to create the life of her dreams.  Sarah is a personal trainer and lives a debt-free life. In this episode, she explains how she survived two divorces and the Great Recession, went back to college, and followed her heart to become a fitness trainer all while saving, investing, and building a life of financial freedom.  

EPISODE 6: Chapter 2 of The Boss Lady Investor™


Krista Goodrich

Chapter 2 of The Boss Lady Investor™ book, titled "The Greatest Generations" is a mini-chapter exploring the differences in our various generations and how Boss Lady sisters of all generations can work together to lift each other up.  We talk about various obstacles that each generation faced and how that helped to shape who they are.  We don't talk a lot about money in this chapter, as we are laying the foundation for understanding each other before we deep-dive into finances in later chapters. 

EPISODE 6.5: Building Wealth with Airbnbs & Short Term Rental Homes


Krista Goodrich

As your host, I share my experiences with investing in Airbnbs or Short-Term Rental Vacation Homes, and how I continued to build my wealth with these strategies.  I discuss how you figure out the cost of renting out these properties and how much income you need to cover your expenses and make money.  We talk about the monthly expenses, how I chose (or didn't choose) my locations, and things to consider when deciding if this type of investing is for you.

EPISODE 7: Leadership, Activism, & Taking Charge of Your Life

headshot photo Teresa Rand.jpg

Krista Goodrich + Teresa Rand

Join me, Krista Goodrich, as I chat with the legendary Teresa Rand.  (Y'all...she is amazing.) Teresa is the former CEO of her own YMCA Association and has gone on to create Rand Consulting, working as a speaker, trainer, and leadership coach. Additionally, she runs the Professional Women's Network and The Boss Lady Community, along with serving on various community boards and organizations. Her adventurous spirit continues in her free time. She has run 11 marathons and multiple triathlons, has done an Outward Bound sailing excursion, and been on a skydiving adventure. Teresa is also a yoga coach and is currently working on her advanced level yoga certificate.  

EPISODE 8: Figuring Out Life & Business While Overcoming Hurdles


Krista Goodrich + Erin Verbel

Join me, Krista Goodrich, as I interview one amazing badass Boss Lady: Erin Verbel, owner of Cycology Time in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Erin has overcome a tremendous amount to chase her dreams and breaks down the raw truth about struggle and building a business while trying to manage being a wife, mom, and friend.  She shares her story of how she got to the point of opening her business and the daily challenges she faces to build her brand.  Erin is on a mission to create a community of women and men that lift each other up, stay positive, and focus on making the world a better place.  

EPISODE 9: How Women Can Start Understanding their Financial Picture


Krista Goodrich + Amy Irvine

Join me (The Boss Lady Investor™, Krista Goodrich) and Certified Financial Planner Amy Irvine as we discuss steps to get your financial house in order and understanding what financial planning really is--and trust me, you want to learn this if you're going to create the life (and wealth) of your dreams!  Planning for your future is vital to becoming a rockstar in life, so don't be afraid of it. Get ready to dive in with Amy from Rooted Planning Group!

EPISODE 10: Chapter 3 of The Boss Lady Investor™: Reducing Debt


Krista Goodrich

This is the last chapter that will be on the podcast, but of course, you can buy the book on Amazon!  Chapter 3 is all about reducing or getting out of debt and understanding how credit (and your credit score) works.  I give you tactical strategies to eliminate your debt and build your credit score. I break down exactly how the elusive credit score is calculated and share techniques to knock out debt.  This chapter is a must-listen for anyone wanting to get out of debt and start living the financial life of their dreams.  

EPISODE 11: Enhancing Your Brilliance, Business, & Bedroom


Krista Goodrich + Leona Carter

International Empowerment Speaker Leona Carter shares her secrets to improving her marriage and life by being open and honest and talking about things "we don't talk about."  Leona is vibrant and energetic and explains how she started off knowing nothing about public speaking, to becoming an international speaker and filling her calendar. We also cover the "bra-less experience" and how to improve intimacy by talking about sex with your spouse. Get ready for a wild and awesome episode!

EPISODE 12: Traveling, Pole Dancing, & Living an Adventure Life

Podcast headshot.png

Krista Goodrich + Mara Yule

Ready to learn how you can travel the world on a shoestring budget?  Travel blogger and marketing pro Mara Yule gladly spills her secrets for how she traveled to over 40 countries and spent months abroad by her late 20s.  If you love traveling, languages, and adventure then get ready to learn some secrets to help you start planning your next amazing experience.  

EPISODE 13: Taking Back Your Life & Happiness After Incredible Trauma

Click funnels.png

Krista Goodrich + Jennifer Tracy

Join Krista Goodrich and Jennifer Tracy of Jennifer Tracy: Inspire (life coach, speaker, and author). Jennifer suffered profound trauma early in adulthood, including severe mental illness, the death of her husband and young daughter in a drunk driving accident, a debilitating brain disease, and surgery. Despite her immense challenges, she found ways to cope and create a life she loves, along with a thriving business. Jennifer found a way to fight for herself and her daughters and is now a successful author, coach, and public speaker, sharing her story so that others can find ways to overcome their personal struggles. You don't want to miss this episode!

EPISODE 14: Creating a Tech Start Up & Leveraging Investments


Krista Goodrich + Charity Barrett

Charity Barrett joins us on this episode and shares her journey of becoming an entrepreneur. She leveraged real estate and other financial tools to become a millionaire, and eventually entered the male dominated tech space with her self-funded app, the Diamond Lab, a small business development and networking platform. Charity shares honest, authentic, and real-life strategies of how she increased her wealth and became a massive success. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Wealth Management at John Hopkins University. 

EPISODE 15: From Selling Her Body to Becoming a Success


Krista Goodrich + Lisa Santiago McNeill

Lisa Santiago McNeill is a true badass Boss Lady.  Lisa ran away from home at the age of 13 and ended up on the streets: hustling, selling her body, and living a difficult early life. However those hardships were no match for the purpose inside of her, so after putting herself through high school, Lisa went onto become a wildly successful "Coaches Coach" as well as the leader of a Women's Empowerment Network. She is currently a mother, friend, sister, actor, author, radio personality, public speaker, preacher, mentor, businesswoman, and certified master trainer.  Her life's experiences have taught her that possible. 

EPISODE 16: Living Abroad, Traveling, and Building a Business


Krista Goodrich + Rusha Paenga

On this episode of The Boss Lady Investor™ Podcast, Rusha Paenga, a native New Zealander (or Kiwi) now living in Germany, shares her experiences of being a digital nomad and traveling the world while building an online community and business.  Rusha shares authentic stories of how she raises the money to travel and then finds unique ways to live inexpensively.  We talk about her struggles and how she's learned to navigate solo travel and roadblocks in building an online business.  If you have dreamed about being a digital nomad and want to know what it takes and what you can expect to encounter, join us as Rusha shares her journey. 

EPISODE 17: Following a Passion for Pageantry & Life!


Krista Goodrich + Leah Hadder

Leah Hadder has created a beautiful life and career based on her passion for all things pageantry.  Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be in a pageant, run a pageant business, and make the transition from a "normal" career to a passionate entrepreneur.  Join us as we explore the world of beauty pageants and how they have evolved over time! 

EPISODE 18: Becoming an Instagram Travel Influencer


Krista Goodrich + Tatum Skipper

Tatum Skipper understands what it means to live life to the fullest.  As a travel coach, blogger, vlogger, and entrepreneur, Tatum has used smart money strategies to travel the world and grow her Instagram following to over 32,000 followers.   Want to be an influencer? Tatum talks about how she did it and her outlook.  Want to know how to be smart about money, grow your wealth, and grow your business while having fun, seeing the world, and enjoying life?  Then listen in as Tatum takes us step-by-step on her journey!

EPISODE 19: Being a Badass Plant-Based Water Wonder Woman

Boss Lady Investor Logo_Transparent.png

Krista Goodrich + Tam Salinas

Ready to hear from a fitness badass about how water changed her life and her business?  Join Tam Salinas as she shares her journey of moving to Laguna Beach and becoming a water ninja!  Tam is a personal trainer, life coach, health coach, and former fitness model who transformed her life and income by becoming a "water magician."  Check out her journey on this awesome episode of the podcast!

EPISODE 20: Building a Business with Your Bestie While in School

Boss Lady Investor Logo_Transparent.png

Krista Goodrich + Ally Creech + Elizabeth Shrout

Join Elizabeth Shrout and Ally Creech, co-founders of Avasha Style.  Avasha Style is a unique concept that offers you go-to stylists in real time.  Learn what it's like to grow a business while still in school, and get insight on how incubator programs work.  This duo of magnificent Boss Ladies are fabulous, full of life, and ready to take over the world.  They openly share the raw struggles, challenges, and obstacles of navigating college life and entrepreneurship. 

EPISODE 21: Following Her Passion for Art + Business Abroad


Krista Goodrich + Brittany Metka

Brittany Metka is following her dreams and her heart while pursuing a life of adventure and art in Columbia.  An Illinois native, this isn't Brittany's first time moving abroad to work and learn about a new culture.  Years ago, she taught English in Southeast Asia and is now learning the ropes of starting and running her creative art business, Cursive Art Studios, in South America all while learning a new language (Spanish).  Join us as we learn all about Brittany's journeys and the challenges involved when starting a business in a foreign country...and the beauty that comes from what you learn. 

EPISODE 22: Reinventing Yourself Into an Entrepreneur


Krista Goodrich + Colleen Davis

Colleen Davis, Brand Magician and Marketing Guru, joins us on this episode of the Boss Lady Investor™ podcast to share her secrets of building a career as an entrepreneur while re-inventing and re-creating yourself along the way.  We'll take a deep dive into knowing when to do the work, and when it's time to bring in others to help improve your client's overall experience.  

EPISODE 23: Becoming a Badass in Financial + Physical Fitness


Krista Goodrich + Katrina Stillwell

Get ready to be wowed by this week's amazing rockstar Boss Lady, Katrina Stillwell.  Kat is a badass in financial and physical fitness.  As a multiple Olympic Trial Qualifying and sponsored runner, and now a Cat 1 sponsored cyclist, Kat knows how to train her body and perform.  She attributes her athletic background to helping her grow the confidence and tenacity to take the same approach to business and finance.  As a self-made millionaire, Katrina owns a design firm and BNB, and manages her business all while continuing to grow her investment and retirement wealth.  She does all that while still being an involved single parent to her 12-year-old son, and the two love traveling and adventuring-including scuba diving, art, culture and adventure sports.  

EPISODE 24: Writing, Publishing & Marketing Your Book with Stacy Juba


Krista Goodrich + Stacy Juba

Stacy is a fiction author, freelance developmental book editor, and creator of the online course Book Editing Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Plan to Making Your Novels Publishable which is launching in early 2020. She loves sharing her knowledge on topics such as pursuing the passion of writing and how to make your stories publishable; overcoming obstacles to finding success as a writer, editor, and online course creator; venturing out of your comfort zone by diving into online course creation; or balancing a thriving freelance career with motherhood.

EPISODE 25: Overcoming Domestic Violence and Becoming a Succesful Entrepreneur


Krista Goodrich + Alessandra Desiderio

Alessandra Desiderio is a mom, entrepreneur, and advocate dedicated to creating opportunity for work by using free market ideas to innovate solutions to social problems.  A serial entrepreneur, Aley created the GNO club, Crew Childcare Rewards and works at Fiore 3 consulting.  Hear from Aley on her journey from being in an abusive relationship to finding herself and eventually creating her businesses and a life of her dreams.  

EPISODE 26: The Making of a Boss Lady with Lindsey Parks


Krista Goodrich + Lindsey Parks

Join us as we follow Lindsey Parks journey to become a Boss Lady Investor.  Lindsey is a divorced single momma who had her head in the sand with finances until NOW.  She is making it her mission to take control of her finances and become and ultimate boss lady with the help of our OG Boss Lady Investor Krista Goodrich.  Each quarter we will meet to check on Lindsey's progress and to keep her motivated.  

EPISODE 27: Understanding the CARES Act for Entrepreneurs, Sole-Proprietors, Non-Profits, 1099's and more

Boss Lady Investor Logo_White Background

Krista Goodrich

On March 27th, 2020, Congress passed the unprecedented CARES Act in response to the epidemic COVID-19.  This podcast highlights and explains the key points and that affect small business owners, individuals, 1099's, gig staff and sole proprietors.  In this episode, we discuss the Paycheck Protection Program, available grants, understanding how mortgage/rents/foreclosure are affected, learn how you can use your retirement plan during the epidemic, forbearance of loans across the board (mortgages, student loans, etc) and other key points to understanding how the Act affects you and can help.  

EPISODE 28: How Rebecca Lima Helps Entrepreneurs Create Multi-Million Dollar Businesses


Krista Goodrich + Rebecca Lima

As a business coach, I'm a master at simplifying businesses and creating systems that enable ambitious entrepreneurs to reach their next-level goals & earn more money. I work with high-achieving entrepreneurs to uncover where they need to fix their business systems; and where they need to change their mindset and personal habits. After a short bout with homelessness I had to figure out money mindset pretty quickly and after being a financial administrator of a multi-million dollar business for a decade - now I help entrepreneurs make more money and gain emotional intelligence to ditch overwhelm and anxiety that entrepreneurship brings!

EPISODE 29: Sarah Gemmell-Getting "Fit" Physically and Mentally


Krista Goodrich + Sarah Gemmell

Hi! I am Sarah Gemmell, Holistic Weight Loss Coach and owner of Gem Fitness. After graduating with a BA in Psychology from Rowan University, I first worked as an addiction counselor. In 2016, I got certified as a Certified Personal Trainer and changed career paths. Since then, I have worked with women to create and hold them accountable to a healthier lifestyle so that they can lose weight, feel happier, and more confident. I use my formal education and personal experiences to change my clients’ lives every single day. Though I live in Bucks County, PA, women anywhere can benefit from my virtual coaching programs. I absolutely love speaking to groups, networking, and nurturing and coaching my existing community.

EPISODE 30: Caroline Castille-Explains Angel Investing, Start-Ups and Being a Bad Ass


Krista Goodrich + Caroline Castille

Caroline is a hustler, adventurer, and visionary. She’s chosen her career path out of the fun and most challenging passions— the things that she loves. Big data, dance, finance, fashion, and entrepreneurship. She currently is scaling her ads agency, Clickable Impact, and her dance footwear business bSteps Dancewear, which she started junior year of college at UCF. Clickable Impact has grown from 2 to 20 employees in the past 2 years in business, with a majority of them having graduated or taking classes at UCF. bSteps has grown from 2 to 6 employees. Her 2020 goals are to create the 3 amazing podcasts in Orlando, continue growing Clickable Impact by launching a venture capital department, and to build bSteps to a multi-7-figure business.

EPISODE 31: Journey from $1000 to Millions from a Top Real Estate Agent

RM Head Shot.jpg

Krista Goodrich + Regan Maki

Regan Maki, group owner, is a second generation top producer with 20+ years of experience in the business. She is focused, knowledgeable, and talented in what she does. Her amazing team of agents and in-office staff are extensively trained and mentored to provide the most professional and satisfying service for you. 

#1 Zillow recommended Realtor-North Atlanta - Multi-million Dollar Club-Lifetime Member - Zillow Agent Advisory Board 2017, 2018, 2019


We're looking for Boss Ladies (and a few Boss Dudes!) who have an interesting financial story to tell. Did you dig yourself out of debt? Have you overcome seemingly insurmountable student loans? Tell us about it at for consideration.

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