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Hi there Boss Ladies!

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Hi! I'm Krista and I am so excited to get to know all of the amazing #BossLadies out there! With the help of my amazing editor, we are wrapping up the book, The Boss Lady Investor-You Don't Need a D!@K to Understand Money™-I can't wait for you to read it and hear your feedback. It's my first book and it's been in my brain for fifteen years so it's very cool to finally get it on paper and out to you, my fellow #BossLadies!

I created this site and the book so that fellow #BossLadies could learn about other #BossLadies around the world-the things we do, problems we run into, how we overcome obstacles and inspirational success stories. Very few of us had an easy road to #BossLadyStatus and our stories are often funny, sometimes sad, but always entertaining and informational as we can all learn from one another.

The Boss Lady Community will be bringing you women from various walks of like that have proven to be a #BossLady in their own right. Our various tribe members will bring all sorts of unique abilities to share: some of us have incredible cooking skills, some detail what it's really like to climb the corporate ladder, others will share how they nailed being a great stay-at-home mom. Still others women have awesome stories of becoming an entrepreneur and what it took for them to build their business. Some of our #badassbabes may educate us on health and fitness while others will teach us about our financial health.

The goal of all our #bossladies is to empower women to do more and be more than they thought they could be. We lift each other up in our community. True #bossladies love to see the women around them sparkle and even outshine them at times.....because we know two things: 1. If you surround yourself with greatness you will find easier routes to get there yourself and 2. We can always learn from each others triumphs and failures, but it's our job as women to continue to lift each other up!

What's your story #bosslady? Are you a bad ass dog trainer? FBI agent? Do you scrapbook better than anybody you know? Maybe you spear fish or race in triathlons. Or perhaps you have the recipe for work/life balance. I can't wait to hear your story!

When I started the book #TheBossLadyInvestor™, I was asked-what do you want to achieve with this? I have a few answers:

1. I have wanted to educate women about finances since my young 20s. This is because I learned then how very undereducated most of us (myself included at the time) really are. Nobody ever taught me about the stock market, mortgages, credit and investments. And when I decided to learn on my own I found that most of the tools out there were geared towards men. Even self-help books that had little to do with finance didn't seem to capture the beauty that women bring to the table and the way women approach finances. It's very different than men-and that's okay! We can be super educated about money but still be scared as shit do ever do day-trading! That's just not a lot of our style (and to the #bossladies out there that can stomach that-you go girl). I wanted to create a book that explained money to women in a way that makes sense to us. I hope you enjoy it!

2. I believe that if I can impact one woman's financial future with my book, than I have succeeded! So even if the only person to ever read the book is my mom, but it impacts her positively, then every minute writing it was worth it. Of course, I hope to impact way more people positively, so if it helps you at all, please let me know as it makes my heart smile.

3. I wanted to create a community to share women's success stories and challenges. I also wanted a place for women to be excited and proud of what they do. I have met women along the way that seem to almost "hide" what they are best at-whether it's art, singing, exercising, cooking, investing, finding fashionable clothes to wear, budgeting and more-our unique gifts should be shared with the world and celebrated! We are women and all of the amazing things we bring to the table-even if our male counterparts don't understand-should be cherished! I hope this community provides a positive place to share-YOU!

4. I want to talk about money. I know, that's taboo to say, but it's true! Way too many people are so afraid to talk about money that they end up either ignoring it or wishing they could. Money is very real to all of us and affects you whether you have a lot or have a little. I do not believe you need a lot to be happy, but I do believe you need to understand how money works and how it affects you and your family. We will talk about getting out of debt, reading a mortgage statement, investing, saving for college, paying off student loans, real estate investing and more. True #BossLadies know that to find happiness, you can't be constantly fighting with the fear of money. You can live very well on limited means or you can use money to grow an empire. I just beg you to take the time to understand it and don't be afraid to talk about it. Too many #futurebossladies I know have shared with me that they don't understand their bills, investing or money in general and often find themselves in a tough spot when they graduate college, get divorced, get a big raise, lose a job, inherit money, lose a spouse...there are a million reasons out there that you will one day have to understand money or find yourself in fear of get on the horn #bosslady and let's learn together.

5. #Bucketlist-to be honest, I have just always wanted to write a book so to get that actually done has been so fun. If it's on your list-just start writing! On our podcast, #thebossladyinvestor, we will interview incredible women and if you are ever one of those women, I want to hear from you about what is on your bucket list that you haven't done yet and what you have done already! Who knows #bosslady, maybe one day we can check off some of that list together.

I am so excited to hear about each and everyone of you and your stories. Please feel free to email me anytime at If you want to pre-order the book, you can do that soon on the site and I would be truly honored if you would share your feedback with me.

Talk to you soon #BossLady!


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